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Broou connects surfers with wave forecast app

The Brazilian startup believes in the capacity of science and technology, allied with users reports can improve the interpretation of swells worldwide.

Broou was born as a result of the passion for surfing, with a dash and desire for innovation. Idealized by an entrepreneur group of fellow surfers, they sought the need for a tool to find the best waves and join friends while heading to the beach.

By this means, they developed an app with a new forecast system, with a clean and easy-to-read design and distinct navigation experience. Pioneering on monitoring swells with a mobile-first mindset, it's available to iOS and Android. Broou's simple and direct language already conquered 55 thousands organic downloads, of which, 80% is Brazilian, but it reaches users in the States, Australia, Portugal, Spain, France, New Zealand, Peru and South Africa.

Through exclusive analyzes of the ideal swell and wind to over 1500 surf spots, the user can quickly check and compare the summary conditions and share the 5 day forecast along with live reports, which improve the system.

Innovate and always provide relevant features to surfers is the core mission of the startup, that has new updates on the way. “In the coming months we intend to provide a chart with a comparison of different data sources, and oceanographic buoys information. In 2017, will be implemented the machine learning to use information from live reports to improve the accuracy of the forecast, making It a hybrid system with scientific character", stated Adriano Wiermann, head of oceanography of broou.

The new website presents the brand’s manifest narrated by Donavon Frankenreiter, more information about the app, the forecast system and broou’s ambassadors.

Download now the free app at iOS App Store or Android Google Play, and access the website