how it works



This is the first step to form a swell.


NOAA's wave and wind data are prepared to be inserted into the broou.cast system.

oceanology and technology

The data is translated into a simple and beautiful interface, showing the forecast of the current surfing condition and the forecast for the next 5 days.


It's the main element in the formation of waves. Transfers energy to the ocean creating wind sea (scrambled waves), which once departing from the storm, they organize and generate the swell.

broou's forecast

The global wind and wave data are use to supply the boundary conditions for a coastal waters model (SWAN model), considering more detailed conditions of the Brazilian coastline.

all good, bro

Now that you know when it's the best day to surf, grab your surfboard, invite your bro's and go surfing.

NOAA global models

The US National Oceanic and Atmospherical Administration is the main source of data on waves in deep water and wind on a global scale in the world.


The giga bytes of data produced by the broou.cast system are transformed into simplified tables, interpreted and sent to the application.