broou manifest


hey... this is for you.

for you who are very familiar with this sound.

who goes to the beach when it’s winter.
and when it’s raining.

this is for you who thinks it’s pretty normal
to get up at 5am and plunge into freezing water.

this is for you.

for you who love mother nature.
but still shows no respect for gravity’s law.

this is for the pioneers.
the ones who have no fear of giants.
those who have never been inside a washing machine,
but know exactly how it would feel.

this is for you.

for the old guys who are still dreaming.
waiting and seeking for the perfect one.

this is for you who knows that saltwater ages your skin.
but also rejuvenates your soul.

this is for you. the addicted. you who go to sleep when everyone is rocking, because you prefer to rock while everyone's sleeping.

this is for the amateurs... dreaming about becoming professionals.
and for the professionals... who never stop being amateurs.

this is for you, ‘mr. first time beginner’, being disciplined by mother nature.

you who’ll wake up tomorrow feeling sore in every single muscle of your body.
even those you didn’t know you had.

this is for the day dreaming workers
who use the ocean as a place to remind themselves
who they really are

this is for the students, the managers, the dentists, high executives, even the unemployed.

this is for you.

small or big, boy or girl, young or old.

because if you know that surfing is not only a sport.
if you know that surfing goes much beyond droppin' waves...

...this is for you, bro.